VUWLGP: an ANSI C++ linear GP package (CS-TR-05/8)

Abstract: The technical report associated with VUWLGP is available here. VUWLGP can be downloaded from the software section of this website. Users who alter or extend VUWLGP are encouraged to share their work with the authors. We will endeavour to keep an integrated and up-to-date package publically available. Users of VUWLGP are also asked to reference the technical report linked to above

	Author = "Christopher Fogelberg and Mengjie Zhang",
	Title = "CS-TR-05/8: VUWLGP - An ANSI C++ Linear Genetic Programming Package",
	Institution = "MSCS, Victoria University of Wellington",
	Year = "2005",
        note = "Available from {\tt{}}"

Available here.